Monday, January 11, 2010


My name is Michael Deere, and I am a Junior Architecture student, and I hail from Chattanooga, Tn, which is about a four hour drive to Clemson, and about two days worth of plane travel (counting delays in London) away from Barcelona, where I am studying architecture for the entirety of the Spring term (and hopefully for a bit of a stint over the summer as well).  Just being here for three days has already instilled in me a desire to absorb all I can from such a rich architectural, historical, and cultural metropolis. I hope this site gives you at least a glimpse of the wonderful experiences upon which I am about to embark here in Catalunya.


  1. What an amazing picture!!! I luv luv luv yoooouuuuu!!!!!

  2. Mikey, bestow upon me a window into your world